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New websites
from only $1,600

New websites
from only $1,600

22 Years Experience on 200+ Websites

Perth Sites - Web Design & SEO

Welcome to Perth Sites

Perth Sites is very well established but small team of Website Developers who specialise in professional web design and highly effective search engine optimisation (SEO). We have worked on hundreds of websites and currently manage a porfolio of just under one hundred successful websites, almost all of which are for our loyal Perth based clients. We have been doing web design in Perth for well over 20 years and are one of the most experienced website development teams in Australia.

We’re a  small, successful business and we love helping other small businesses with their online success. We enjoy working for small to medium sized businesses where we can deal one on one with the owner or the person in charge of business development. In the past, we have also worked for large companies including West Australian Newspapers and other large stock exchange listed companies.

Web Development Services

Our web design services focus on incredibly effective seo and getting a good return on investment for our clients. Since inception we have almost always been essentially booked out indefinately despite having never advertised since we started.

We specialise in creating professional, simple and easy to use websites. While winning design awards might be nice, we prefer to instead focus on assisting clients create quality content and ensuring their websites will be a success.

We historically have used a minimalistic design for most websites and written all the code ourselves. Nowadays we combine our coding & SEO skills with the immense power and customisation of WordPress. While even an amateur can create a website with WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, they’ll likely get stuck and/or unable to make the website a success.

How Can Perth Sites Help You?

The bulk of our work in 2023 involves specialising in website management, that is, looking after our existing client’s websites. We are however, always interested in working on new projects. We try to offer a full service helping with you all your internet marketing needs.


Website Updates & Management

Once a week or once per year, we are poised ready to help our clients keep their websites up to date.


Custom Website Development

From one page splash pages to mega sites with thousands of pages, we are capable of almost anything!

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Domain Names & Website Hosting

Domain names & hosting can require a bit of technical know-how but we're here to help take care of it for you.

About Perth Sites Web Design

Perth Sites was started way back in 2001 when there was only a handful of Perth Web Design companies. We began doing SEO before it was even called SEO! Due to getting our own site ranked #1 on every search engine for terms such as ‘web design perth’ and even ‘web design australia’, we quickly grew to the point where we had to knock back more work than we could take on. Nowadays in 2023, we are much more relaxed and mostly focus on looking after our existing clients while also happy to consider new projects.If you would like a new website developed or need more traffic to your existing website, please contact us.

Website Services

Web Design & Development

Our web design method is to create sharp, clean, professional websites that will rank very highly on search engines. Although we do take pride in our work, we are not interested in wasting time on trying to win design awards. We are more focussed on making sure our clients get a great return for their web design investment. Examples of our work can be found on our client page.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Creating a website is the easy part. Getting it to rank at the top of the search engines is where the hard work is done. Our results over the past 12 years speak for themselves. We get our clients to #1, rather than ‘top 20’ or ‘first page’. Thanks to our skills and efforts, our clients websites (combined) easily generate millions of dollars worth of business from search engines each & every year. If you would like to see examples of results we have achieved, please contact us.

E-commerce (Online Shopping)

We have created dozens of successful online shopping websites. Our e-commerce software has evolved over the years and is now one of the best available as it incorporates good SEO. If you are interested in selling your products online, we can show you how easy it is to update your product data base from your own computer. Some of our online shopping websites can be seen on the right in the example given.

Website Management

A large portion of our time is spent managing our clients websites. Although it’s possible to install a content management software and have clients update their own websites, many choose to have a professional make the changes instead. This way, the changes are done right, take less time and do not hinder any search engine rankings.

Domain Name Registration & Management

Registering a domain name is not the easiest thing to do if you have not done so before. At Perth Sites, we have registered hundreds of domains and can help you choose, register and manage your domain name, no fuss. A domain is relatively inexpensive and is generally only $30 – $40 a year.

Perth Website Hosting

For users to access a website, it has to be stored on a server/computer somewhere that is linked up to the internet 24-7. This is called website hosting. Although we do not maintain our own website hosting servers, we have accounts with some of the best hosting companies in the world, including here in Perth. We can organise all your hosting needs for your website, emails, databases and more. The charges for our hosting services are from $96 to $240 (an average ~10 page website would only be $120 per year). Hosting can also include your email accounts such as or If you want to get your website hosted in Perth on a trusted server, please contact us or see our website hosting page.

Other Related Services

At Perth Sites, our services cover everything aimed at making your website (and business) successful.

  • Email Hosting & Management
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Programming (cgi/perl, javascript, php)
  • Link Generation
  • Keyword Research
  • Database Programming
  • Facebook/Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytics & Other Website Statistics Software
  • Google Adwords & PPC Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marking (for both merchants & publishers)
  • Content Writing (SEO focussed)
  • Google Places Listings
  • Email Account Management
  • General Business Advice & Brainstorming

Why Choose Perth Sites?

  • With over 22 years in business, you’ll be hard pressed to find a firm with more experience.
  • Although not a ‘budget web designer’ we definitely can’t be beaten on value for money due to our unorthodox business set-up.
  • We only work for clients when we are confident we can supply them with an exceptional ROI.
  • Owner/Operator Mike ‘Akerz’ Akerman is proudly a 7th generation West Australian and is just plain easy to do business with.